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The links here reflect sites I've found useful in the pursuit of photography and in nature:

The Freeport Camera Club is among some 20 clubs in the area that belong to this photographic federation.  Competitions are held at each club and once a month, competitions are held among PFLI clubs.

A fellow from Australia contacted me looking for images produced with SCALA film.  We have corresponded numerous times and I have entered competitions hosted by his club.  Great images!

David Wood runs a unique processing facility in Iowa.  He invented a process to produce a transparency from Black & White print film.  A wide array of print film can be submitted including infrared.  David offers sepia toning for many film types.  He also processes E6.

 A quality E6 film processor.  My color slides are processed by Dwayne's.  Color print and B&W processing also available. 

In the US, the NPS provides maps and information about all the National Parks.   Two local favorites are Gateway National Park and Fire Island National Park.  Anyone flying through JFK airport is only a mile from Gateway National Park.

There are numerous New York Parks.  I enjoy Jones Beach and Connetquot, but there are many other parks dotting Long Island to  visit.

A web site with local flavor.  I’m fortunate to live near the water where wildlife abounds.  This site celebrates the area and provides   a  wealth of information about the locale.